Project development in Carnikava near by Riga

The property is located only 500 m from Sea (Gulf of Riga) and 25 km from capital city Riga.
Total area of property is 10.55 Ha. Property can be used based on regional planing as:

  • Mixed residential and business institutions building area (1-1,5 Ha), with possibility to build apartment building up to 18 m height with about 50 apartments.
  • Recreational area (5,5-6 Ha), with possibility to build about 75 recreational type houses.
  • Natural area (3,48 Ha), with possibility to upgrade this area as park and recreational territory.
  • Area that is located between the property and river Gauja can be upgraded as beach, recreational area and as a port for yachts, motorboats.

Why Riga for Business? Read this article to understand why it is good.

The internal rate of return from capital (IRR) is 90%, Project payback period – 1 year, 9 months and 27 days. The total planned duration of the project – 6 to 7 years. To find out more information about this investment project, the real estate and the potential opportunities for cooperation, please contact us. Selling price of the project: 1.055.000 EUR (10 EUR/m²)

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