Hotels & commercial renovations in the European center for smartcities: thinking comfort and safety standards for your visitors

This is one of my passion and family activity since generations. Renovations of old structures is something amazing. Development of new things is important. Supporting smartcities, safety and people is relevant. I work on B2BALTIC Real Estate too with my family and friends, not only with my best business associates.

B2BALTIC Real Estate Hub works with great design players, that´s the point. If you are an hotel owner/director, or real estate developer/investor, you should not miss to work together with us globally. But why so? Why you should?

Well, it´s not only question of competence and experience. The Real-Estate Hub – with Nordic base and German/Italian root for style and technology – operates inside the European center for innovation and smartcities B2BALTIC. That´s the first hub in Europe with Business-Television and Webinars TV (part of Directors TV 24 Channel). They broadcast webinars about construction, materials, development, RE brokerage and sales. It´s a full new thing in Europe and support the transparency, success and ability of the whole real estate development and construction industry.



(this article has been updated in 2019)






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