Monthly Archives: November 2014

Medical development, thinking perfection of the safety standards and right furniture for guests

B2BALTIC Community and its special team Luxury Nordic Hub LNH work with top design players for medical facilities. They are members of our community and have demonstrated ability in building up medical centers, practices, clinics and big hospitals with all EU-certifications. If you own a medical structure or you develop them as constructor, you should not miss to work together with

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Pharma Nordic Group in B2Baltic

The Pharma team of B2Baltic Alliance is also professional and corporate group on LinkedIn available for Medical Practices, Hospital & Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Bio Medical Devices, Drugs Regulatory professionals, Biotechnology and Researchers. Click here to enter the close group or apply to join it. Our targets: Off-shoring and business development of international Pharma companies, Import Export opportunities, professional Jobs in the

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