Stevedoring logistic investment in Baltic Free-Port

Investment opportunity to acquire a developed logistic structure specialized in stevedore in one of the main tax-free Port of the Baltic area. The structure and company for sale consist in several updated machinery, cranes, quays, buildings and equipment with overall tonnage of cargoes over 700 th as junction of three main components of the logistic chain- sea, road and railway. Railway, storage and warehousing facilities are available.

The capacity of railway extensions has been increased per 26 wagons, totally allow simultaneously to place 40 wagons. The total area of covered storage is over 3400 m2. The area of open storage is over 70.000 m2. Warehouses are suitable for storing the following goods:

-timber ( logs, pulpwood , saw timber, plywood, etc.);

-bulk   (wood-chips , gravel , scrap, iron pellets ,etc.).

Other types of cargo can also be handled..

Stevedoring companies highly motivated workforce have the necessary skills to ensure that cargo is handled efficiently and professionally.

– ISO 9001-2008.

-Loading and unloading of cargoes onto and from vessels, railcars, motor vehicles                                                     and storage facilities at port.

– Operating hours   – 24/7

Loading speed:

  • round timber – 300 t/h;
  • sawn timber – 130 t/h
  • woodchips -650 bulk m3/h
  • iron ore pellets – 600 t/h
  • crashing stone- 300 t/h
  • scrap metal- 200 t/h


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