Luxury Villa for sale in Tallinn Old-Town Estonia on B2Baltic

Interesting luxury house for sale on B2Baltic real estate luxury opportunities listing. The villa was built in the period from 1911 to 1912 for the well-known at the time the eye doctor Akela, who later became the head of state of the Republic of Estonia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the first president of the Estonian Olympic Committee. In this project was involved the famous Finnish architect Armas Lindgren, who once created a theater Estonia building. Therefore, the villa has recognizable features. The building was renovated in 1997-1998; its original design has been fully restored. A new tin roof and a partial renovation of the facade were made in 2012. The interior is made of natural oak, the house has four fireplaces, one of which is original. On the first and the second floor of the villa there are living rooms. On the attic floor there are two separate apartments, which can be accommodation for service staff or guests. On the semi-basement floor is made sauna and lounges. There is also a spacious garage (98,1 m2) for 4 cars located in the courtyard of the villa. At the moment villa is rented out to an embassy and has an attractive monthly income. Sales Price 2.800.000 EUR. Contact us for further details.


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