Radisson Blu interviews B2Baltic: Latvia good place for business travelers

I have been interviewed by Radisson Blu International about Latvia and Riga. I have been asked to explain why doing business in Latvia is worth. I have told my point of view according to what I have experienced “on my skin” in the last two years living mostly in Riga and growing the Nordic Baltic community for trade. Latvia has and will have always important role in the community, where already several hundreds of Latvian business people joined the hub B2BALTIC. In the interview I have tried to be not critic. Latvia is not perfect and still emerging in Europe as well as in need of continuing structural and social development. But Latvia is also a beautiful country with huge potential, if Latvian want to use this potentiality and accept, approve working with foreign business professionals, like me and my associates, avoiding introversion and social fear for  business travelers or European developers willing to migrate to Latvia and the Baltic States. In Latvia there is also a big need to fight (and win) against corruption, black money world, women rights, family support, and depopulation, which represents a dark problem for Latvia loosing elements, heads, work power, people, women since years. The country still is working to find a balance between being conservative and open-minded at the same time.

Riga is strategic business center in the Baltics, able to provide plenty of facilities to corporate travelers and to attract investments. See full article on Radisson Blu: INTERVIEW BY RADISSON BLU




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