B2BALTIC and DACH-I: Export Trends and Tips by Daniel Richard (DJ) Janetschek

LinkedIn-Daniel-July2015The improvement of the business relationships with Russia have been confirmed and will go on with further important investments in Baltic according to the opinion of Daniel Richard (DJ) Janetschek, managing director of B2Baltic™. See article in 2016 on LinkedIn press. The B2Baltic-DACH-I, bidirectional import export gateway with German/Italian speaking countries and Nordic/Baltic is based on 18 years of experience in working with German and Italian corporations. Janetschek says

if you are an international exporter, I suggest you to export, on an intelligent way from 2016, because world is changed – you need an export intelligence…why is it so important? (…continue, see original article of 2016)

Note: B2Baltic is at the moment the only one hub in the Baltic-seaside which works multi-direction without any discrimination for sector or field, and with the strongest open-minded attitude, and bi-directional, oriented to communication and support of smart initiatives, also using social medias and new marketing strategies. The hub offers free several business networking opportunities by sponsored B2B events in the main cities, work-groups department with project managers, and even moderated free business networking groups on famous platforms. 

Some comments of Janetschek remind to European export statistics like the: Export Services trends, Export Goods trends and enterprise birth-rate (source Eurostat):


fair-trade-B2BalticTranslational and localization tips.

Export tasks may also require several translational and localization needs, like printing, translation of documents and researches, press, drafting, editorial and participation to trade fair around the world. B2Baltic Hub provide exporters with certified professionals for a fair price and discount up to 30% for B2Baltic members and associated. Ask for a free quote for your professional translations, for translators on site and other translational services.


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