Performing in TV for entrepreneurship to talk about development. For profit and nonprofit.

After the optimist start of B2BALTIC TV in 2017 and the constant growth of video-marketing power worldwide as – according the scientific research – most powerful marketing tool ever – B2BALTIC increases the investment to create TV-studio in 9 cities, meets new agreements for contents and interviews, increases the TV palimpsest. Community members can now require to add their video contents, spots or films to the community palimpsest, is one of the most important new of the last weeks.

B2BALTIC, the Nordic Baltic community for exchange, trade, smart- and digitalcities is get used to adding new development tools to its members and professional users. The head of the community Mr. Janetschek replied our question “what are the entrepreneurs looking for?” answering so

“Let me explain in advance that, films, video-making, TV, advertising, does not deal only with businesses; it is for everybody who has a professional activity, no matter if for profit, or for social nonprofit purpose. Actually even governments nowadays are in need of increasing their audience and, I have seen, they open even Facebook accounts for that reason, sharing contents, talking, etc. So, the aim is called “audience + engagement” and that´s why we in B2BALTIC are running several initiatives, involving and motivating thousands of professional people not only from Nordic and Baltic, but from all over the world”.

Audience, audience, audience.

Businesses, institutions, even nonprofit associations realize TV channels or Video-host is a great place to inform customers or supporters about their products or provide a great level of customer service. Regardless of passion, a potential audience is waiting for initiative. A growing number of entrepreneurs and specialists have started to use videomarketing or made their own TV channel as new business-tool. Whether you are looking for the best way to earn money with your personal channel or looking at the bigger frame for promoting your service, you have the opportunity to change now, for example using B2BALTIC TV and its own audience, or investing to create a new one.


B2BALTIC TV promotes

  • smart products or services for development of smart cities and countries in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Denmark above all, accepting guest programs from Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA, Emirates: it can be technology, real estate development, energy, sustainable development, urban development, people safety and national security;
  • social services offered by non-profit entities;
  • crowdfunding campaign to boost fundraising on any kind of crowdfunding platform worldwide;
  • promos of specific type of products from food to furniture (ask if your product is suitable to the community);


B2BALTIC TV operates with own TV studios (fix or mobile equipment plus specialists) together with

Contact/chat directly with B2BALTIC team on Facebook;
Doing Business Sweden with WebTV;
Italy Baltic Trading Clubs with WebTV;
Luxury Nordic Hub WebTV & e-commerce;

and other TV/video partners in the Nordics and Baltics.


Limits 2017 and targets 2018-2019

B2BALTIC TV has been working in background inside the community in 2017 helping so far only specific categories of members, normally high-level classes. The community aims to open the channel to everybody (members+users+guests) using the WebTV technology and Webcasting tools, offering Live-Streaming from Nordic to global for all business events in the following cities: Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Milan, Genova, Bologna. In 2017 the TV service and videosharing have been offered for-free to effective members of the community, contributors and venture capitalists. B2BALTIC is working hard to develop technology and increase production, offering VIDEO-SHARING AS A SERVICE TO ADD VIDEOS TO THE COMMUNITY PALIMPSEST for free to Nordic/Baltic structures: from the application, you can add your movie/film to B2BALTIC TV palimpsest. In 2018 the members will participate to B2BALTIC Awards for the best performances and best smart products on video channels.


Tips to work with B2BALTIC TV

It is good thing to start sending video contents to B2BALTIC already now to avoid crowd later. Focus on more quality of the contents rather than video quality. Advertising, special promotions of products or services, talk-show (from 14 seconds to 12 minutes), as well as professional interviews (from 4 minutes to 40 minutes) are already possible to require. For those who don´t have a video editor, there is a video editing service available offered by our certified members. Just ask sending a message on Facebook, or Twitter or leaving a comment on the bottom of this article if you don´t feel confident using professionally your social account (fast way to get in touch with us if you are not yet member; if you are already member, please use the support Zone and open a free assistance ticket from your SSL encrypted account!).





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