Happy Start 2018 with the open-video-showing of B2BALTIC.TV and…do not forget the countryside

Happy New Year! Cheering for NEW YEAR 2018 directly from the ice-cold Baltic countryside on 1st January. Countryside are not to forget, because they are still full of opportunities, frequently much better than cities. He has been also reminding the three main points, why video-sharing is worth for any professional activity. This year B2BALTIC.TV will organize Awards 2018-2019, and allow video-advertising of Nordic/Baltic free members as well, with its own capital investment. Investors will pay and gain in reputation.


Why video-sharing & showing of B2BALTIC.TV is worth for business activity or social mission; Daniel Richard Janetschek says…

Sharing videos in a community is a powerful “B2B gun” in my opinion. 3 are the main reasons explained:


  1. it increases your audience, allowing you to get in touch with the community members of B2BALTIC.org (about 20.000 professional members in January 2018), investors and venture entrepreneurs of the B2BALTIC Club, and the new growing B2B-TV watchers.
  2. it enables you for Awards 2018, our public Marketing-Prize for the best active community members, for Nordic Baltic entrepreneurs, and for smart business travelers who choose the Baltic-sea regions (FIN,SWE,EST,LV,LT,PL,DEN) for new development. Berlin and Saint-Petersburg are historically included in our community since 2014.
  3. it gives you new energy and motivation to start 2018, for your profit business, or for your non-profit associative work.

More about “sharing videos” and videomarketing

If you need to understand more how video-contents has become important in the international business & development according to plenty of researches, definitively we recommend you to read my other many press articles about video sharing and marketing.


For becoming sponsors of our professional 9 B2B channels or general sponsor of B2BALTIC.TV, you can contact our TV redaction here.

Memberships & video-adding

For becoming a professional community member and start sharing your work with the other community members you can register here. During the application to require your membership (free,professional,contributor,donor) in B2BALTIC.org, you can easily register your video-repository if you want to go “on air”. The TV redaction will have a look and might be sharing your content with the others according to the rules & policy of B2BALTIC.org sharing platform.

Awards 2019

Stay tuned in B2BALTIC.org Press site to be informed of the rules and facilities offered by B2BALTIC Awards 2019! Just use the registration-form to upload or add your video contents to the TV palimpsest. The redaction will contact you back to explain you the possibilities. It may takes time before they contact you back, because of the long queue of videos to check. Some options are free of charge for regional legal entities. Other options requires membership fee. The list of the sponsors is under elaboration at the moment, you can be one if you like, or just send your video. You are free to choose the type of membership you prefer. B2BALTIC you know is a modern & trendy B2B model, ruled but open!

Type of contents the professional people want to watch

Do not be worried about your videos. You can send it. If our redaction team find your video-message not suitable to your image and reputation, or not complying with our video-policy, they will not share it and inform you giving you suggestions. Just send it. You can also count of our video-editors if you want us to represent you with a nice business video, corporate presentation, or business interview live, in that case just contact B2BALTIC HelpDesk (we suggest to use Facebook or Twitter messaging for fast Q&A!).

And again, happy 2018 and do not miss the chance to be part of the Nordic Baltic community for change in B2B & smart-cities, from now!


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