🇺🇸U.S.A. meet Baltic. After Vilnius/Riga/Tallinn, getting in touch with experts

For our entrepreneurs, incubators, startup-hubs, developers of the B2B Nordic Baltic community: ask a tip here if you want to enter US-Baltic trade with a legal advisor as business partner

The Baltic seminars for the U.S.A. market were successful in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius, with the experts Sofie Lechner and Marc Friedman as speakers, members of B2BALTIC, and together with the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. If you are interested in development in the States, building partnerships, dealing with legal matter, and willing to understand better the American reality and B2B culture, it´s “action” time! Opportunity for business networking with American as well! In Latvia 2nd March 2018 and 7th March at Sorainen Law Office. In Vilnius on 9th March at Radissonblu. Contact us or further details.

Expansion of a business in the USA

The seminars are made for companies on a growth trajectory, for accelerators, incubators, entrepreneurship programs, founders, founders and anyone supporting Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian companies in their expansion abroad.

The U.S. Market is a must in order to claim the title of “Global Company”. Although a challenging market requiring resources and dedication, it is achievable with the right guidance, with grit and an understanding of the correct steps to follow.

You learn firsthand from the leading experts from Global Commerce Education and together with B2BALTIC community. Drawing on their long experience in helping foreign companies enter the U.S. Market, they will share with you the legal and cultural landmines, along with practical advice for a successful market entry.