↔Share your business-room with other members: news in the B2B Nordic Baltic community

Dear members, partners and associates, we are glad to inform you that the update of the community policies and upgrade of the most trendy B2B platform in the Nordic and Baltic area, has driven to the following new services from now available in B2BALTIC for all contributors, leaders as well as for our free members, enjoy them:

  • ↔B2B Host Program: it allows you from now to offer one of your business room to the other members for at least 2 hours per calendar year; provided is wifi and privacy during the use of the rooms; not only an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business travelers, but also chance for conferencing, meeting other professionals in a sharing context, business networking directly on site after the conference. The service is provided from member to member for free. Members can decide if they want to join the international program or stay out. You can cooperate in development of the best policies to rule the sharing in the most comfortable way for providers and users. Who shares the room is automatic entitled to ask other room availability in other location regardless from the city or nation (of course depending on availability). To apply here.



  • Baltic-US Trade Program: Special support for exporters, traders, developers, entrepreneurs willing a new business or engagement of the United States of America. In collaborations with our American members and the American Chamber of commerce in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Opportunity for B2B and cultural exchange. The successful events in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius of March 2018 will be repeated as soon as possible. To get in touch with the community US team apply here. You can also watch the videos and interviews on your B2BALTIC.TV channel.





  • Video showing Program: This is the actual trend in the community since 2018 and allow you to participate to B2BALTIC Awards 2018 and 2019, introduce your vision, mission or business in motion to the other members of our community, to go “on air” and maybe to be interviewed and become famous more than before. With a few limitations however the program has been opened also to free members, according to the topics and ability. As always our community want to empower and frequently invest on those entrepreneurs who have not only smart ideas but also social attitude and interest for development of smart cities, smart trade, innovative smart business. Send your videos to our TV redaction here.



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