Watch on B2BALTIC.TV. GDPR2018 seen as opportunity to improve user experience, trust, reputation.

It might be annoying, requiring your attention right now, absorbing energy while you do business and trade in Europe. Not only. They even wrote many wrong stuffs, not considering many aspects of internet, practice sides, impacts and damages. But, let´s say, it is also an opportunity to improve the user experience, to increase trust and your reputation, to change something in your way to handle data of your clients and your webpages. Be informed and stay updated right now that the GDPR2018 has come into validity on 25th May 2018. B2BALTIC.TV redaction has been active to talk about the change in data protection, privacy and the issues in cybersecurity. We have selected the most important steps of the main international conference of last week. Watch and give your feedback on this blog page or on YouTube. This is is the last part of the conference with conclusions you should watch.

Understanding some important legal and marketing points.


The technical topic: Firewall is not enough. There is still lack in security culture in the businesses/enterprises.

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