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A good start into the week to you! Over 10.000 subscribers of my blog! Thank you to you all. First a notification: blog changed, please update. you are in my own discussion blog

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This Monday I want to share this with you. It´s an amazing time of hard work with you all carried out by a huge passion and vision for a future. What we are driving in the last year in the populated Nordic Baltic community for innovation & smartcities B2BALTIC, is a new approach in the business-to-business relationships. The community in deed engages, motivates and provide all us with new way to communicate, to trade and in general to doing business. We´re changing the technology in hundreds of retail stores around Europe, generating new opportunities for resellers, improving exchange with United States together with attorneys and Amcham, launching the hub in Vienna, redesigning wellness spas as well.


A new big transformation has started when we launched B2BALTIC Television exactly 1 year ago. A new video platform, with cloud facility, for exchanging smart contents and promoting smart projects, outside of any kind of geographic or political discrimination: for example in our community Sweden and Latvia has the same importance, same relevance and being managed as a “Baltic sea” entity, not just another country. Or the Italy Baltic TV is also connected. Or Natural Baltic channel which deals with countries from the environmental point of view.

We are keeping it on and I´d like to invite you to participate to this new growing trend, with your stuffs, because your business issues are also our issues. We are all in the same boat. If you have good arguments and smart contents (article, films, pitch presentations) you can even participate longer for free.

with best regards


Daniel Richard (DJ) Janetschek


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