Satisfaction with the deal Directors TV 24, for us and our entrepreneurs. But hard work.

It has been an hard work since 2017 with the creation of the TV facility inside the Nordic community for innovation, trade & smartcities B2BALTIC ( the TV platform and the community magazine). During the last two years we have invested on building up a TV cloud, the first in the Nordic area, which allow our entrepreneurs, members and partners, to broadcast their own TV channel, their sales TV program, they best professional videos, or educational coaching, webinars, even 24h/24, 7 days on 7 even. Then we started in 2019 with full live too, selecting hundreds of contents, the best, we have received by our people: businesses, foundations, governments.

It´s the deal “Directors TV 24”, which allows us to broadcast video contents about 40 different industries. We have finally found our way to talk about smart development and smartcities as well, our creation of sub-communities of retailers, shops, with integration of blockchain, and all our digital tools inside. It´s our disruptive digital transformation process. Time by time we have acquired all licenses to do that. We own all the contents or we have sublicended them. We broadcast LIVE business, cases, conferences, interviews, advertising of our members, every day covering all days of the week.

Directors TV 24 also connects us globally, so getting out from the Nordic area of B2BALTIC Hub. We were maybe too provincialist? Well, we were not that, and now you can be sure of that. The new corse supports now our global activism together with the movement Smart&Digitalcities. We advocate the movement and We are sharing this with hundreds of entrepreneurs who have other concept in mind for “smartcity”.

Why the movement? Well, try to answer this question: Is a smartcity just a jam of screens, displays, apps, traffic and mobility solutions? For us it´s not enough. We prefer calling (and development) “smartcities” those ones respectful for environment, social, communicative, collaborative and first of all safe for us, the seniors, the families, the new generations. So far, they call smartcity just big city where you know when you go there and you don´t know if you come back still alive. There are smartcities that are just super expensive, super criminal, super violent, which put people just inside mini box apartments without no chance to open a window, no chance to see a tree, any natural stuff around. We say “NO” to that,

Would you like to comment? Say what you think? Otherwise you can participate with your business too, if you have videos of good quality. Or you can ask your video maker, or you can ask suggestions. Format is something like that (movies):

1) 16:9

2) HD or 480p

3) keep audio quality under control to avoid restrictions

4) business video for B2B purpose mostly, corpoaret presentation, conference record, speech record, interview record, etc

5) not longer than 2 hours, not shorter than 9 seconds

6) any industry

7) in English or at least with good English subtitles (you could submit also proposal for foreign-language channel, I will see if possible)

8) you could get key to broadcast live from you broadcaster platform (if you don´t have one we give you one and train you how to use it in a few steps), so it means you can arrange to interrupt Directors TV live and come with your live TV for a while and your contents….

9) eventually managing your video contents with a syndacate playlist for live or provide a cloud if you want to store videos not on youtube (that is free but it shows your number of visitors, views that you may want to keep secret to skip spending money in YouTube advertising)

10) you keep in mind who is the audience: 95% executive directors and business owners; 5% unclassified guests watchers – content should be suitable for a professional target interested in: A) buying smart products B) searching partners C) selling products D) searching for networking E) searching for non-boring business engagement and entertainment (a good business video should also target this!)

Coming events in our community, I´d like to invite you to

We have upcoming events, you can´t miss: see list of next webinars, events, seminars.

Don´t miss for any excuse – if you are a profi and like international cooperations, challenges, and you have valuable stuffs in hand – these ones:

  • Business Media Week Live 2019 : 13-17 May 2019   (first time in Europe)
  • Video Business Awards 2019 : 19th September 2019 (first time in the world)


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