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Meaning of a community. From commerce to digital trade with blockchain. Case of B2BALTIC

World is changed. The growing trend of global structure, the rise of the planet population in the last century, and the unequal distribution of resource or revenues, requires people and developers to build groups or be part of them. In general, unions, associations, alliances, partnerships and, in the last 20 years, communities has become the way to involve people, find

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the creepy business model

It´s time to talk about a old global business model, that I consider creepy. In my article on LinkedIn Pulse I have explained what this model is, what does represent for you and your family, and why it is creepy. The case of Genova bridge crash and tragedy little bit better explained from the business and social point of view.

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Baltic discussion blog is growing, you can write articles too

A good start into the week to you! Over 10.000 subscribers of my blog! Thank you to you all. First a notification: blog changed, please update. you are in my own discussion blog →Follow the business press site and blog of the community This Monday I want to share this with you. It´s an amazing time of hard

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Italy-Baltic Trading meeting in Port of Genoa with MSC Seaview biggest Italian ship ever

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As always B2BALTIC is in love with Italy trade. This time “ITALY BALTIC TRADING CLUBS” meeting in Genova on 9-10th June has given the opportunity to cheer the new ship “Seaview” of the MSC Cruises group at the delivery day. So we decided to make a “live” TV for about 3 hours on Saturday thank the Italian team of B2BALTIC.TV.

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Watch on B2BALTIC.TV. GDPR2018 seen as opportunity to improve user experience, trust, reputation.

It might be annoying, requiring your attention right now, absorbing energy while you do business and trade in Europe. Not only. They even wrote many wrong stuffs, not considering many aspects of internet, practice sides, impacts and damages. But, let´s say, it is also an opportunity to improve the user experience, to increase trust and your reputation, to change something

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