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🇺🇸U.S.A. meet Baltic. After Vilnius/Riga/Tallinn, getting in touch with experts

For our entrepreneurs, incubators, startup-hubs, developers of the B2B Nordic Baltic community: ask a tip here if you want to enter US-Baltic trade with a legal advisor as business partner The Baltic seminars for the U.S.A. market were successful in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius, with the experts Sofie Lechner and Marc Friedman as speakers, members of B2BALTIC, and together with

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B2BALTIC and DACH-I: Export Trends and Tips by Daniel Richard (DJ) Janetschek

The improvement of the business relationships with Russia have been confirmed and will go on with further important investments in Baltic according to the opinion of Daniel Richard (DJ) Janetschek, managing director of B2Baltic™. See article in 2016 on LinkedIn press. The B2Baltic-DACH-I, bidirectional import export gateway with German/Italian speaking countries and Nordic/Baltic is based on 18 years of experience

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Doing Business in Latvia. Latvian entrepreneurs for development in B2BALTIC Nordic community

A summer article devoted to doing business in Latvia, one of the best country for new business in the whole Baltic area. Starting a business, company registration / formation, trade and import export are easy to do (ease to doing business in Latvia is 19th position in the world according to The World Bank – updated in 2018). This year

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The Riga Conference 2015. The Top Event in Baltic. Reserve your place or become Sponsor.

The Rīga Conference 2015, 6-7 November # Topics • EU Role in the Rise of Geo-economics; • NATO in Defence of Global Stability; • Moldova, Belarus and Georgia; • Strengthening Ukraine in Europe; • Prospects of Russian Economy; • How to Respond to the “New Generation” Warfare? • Battling for the Minds: Propaganda in the Information Age; • Future of

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Launch your business idea now on Startup cities: Apply now

Do you feel inspired and are you firm motivated to launch your new scalable business idea with high potential in global/local markets. We focus on high-tech, smart-cities, medias, life science, social development children and seniors care, environment, pharmaceutical, security & civil defense, entertainment industry, on/off-shoring of production. Don´t wait too long, apply today. B2BALTIC Startup Hub will evaluate your project,

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Radisson Blu interviews B2Baltic: Latvia good place for business travelers

I have been interviewed by Radisson Blu International about Latvia and Riga. I have been asked to explain why doing business in Latvia is worth. I have told my point of view according to what I have experienced “on my skin” in the last two years living mostly in Riga and growing the Nordic Baltic community for trade. Latvia has

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