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Nordic Baltic Revolution: New Design & Tech for your commercial spaces, shops, offices.

The community of B2BALTIC is not just an Europa-wide store and logistic network of retailers, wholesalers, distributors and warehouses, but it is first of all specialized in construction and design restoration of shops, and entire malls, with master designers and selected furniture suppliers members of B2BALTIC™. It´s your opportunity to renew your premises as a member, and be involved in

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Software Technology for Retail. Improve your shop!

B2Baltic thank tech members of the its own community provides high-tech and technology products dedicated to smartest retailers who want to improve the general work they do with their customers. B2Baltic members iare Europe-wide providers of facilities for the professional retail industry, from building new shops to connecting retail & distribution international networks, providing Digital Signage display advertising solutions in-door/out-door,

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3D Digital Signage glasses-free for your new Business

It´s time to change your advertising system. B2Baltic community members are hardware and solution provider in the digital signage (DS) industry and glasses-free 3D digital signage business. Nordics and Baltic countries have been involved in this development. We help our members with contents, best in class productions, software development and hardware so they can offer a complete solution with 3D

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