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Watch on B2BALTIC.TV. GDPR2018 seen as opportunity to improve user experience, trust, reputation.

It might be annoying, requiring your attention right now, absorbing energy while you do business and trade in Europe. Not only. They even wrote many wrong stuffs, not considering many aspects of internet, practice sides, impacts and damages. But, let´s say, it is also an opportunity to improve the user experience, to increase trust and your reputation, to change something

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🇺🇸U.S.A. meet Baltic. After Vilnius/Riga/Tallinn, getting in touch with experts

For our entrepreneurs, incubators, startup-hubs, developers of the B2B Nordic Baltic community: ask a tip here if you want to enter US-Baltic trade with a legal advisor as business partner The Baltic seminars for the U.S.A. market were successful in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius, with the experts Sofie Lechner and Marc Friedman as speakers, members of B2BALTIC, and together with

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The Riga Conference 2015. The Top Event in Baltic. Reserve your place or become Sponsor.

The Rīga Conference 2015, 6-7 November # Topics • EU Role in the Rise of Geo-economics; • NATO in Defence of Global Stability; • Moldova, Belarus and Georgia; • Strengthening Ukraine in Europe; • Prospects of Russian Economy; • How to Respond to the “New Generation” Warfare? • Battling for the Minds: Propaganda in the Information Age; • Future of

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