DR JANETSCHEK compact story

“Innovation and development are valuable when they really make sense for our society not just personal” (DRJ/2014)

“Selling objects or ideas is not just a question of what you promote, but of how you manage the surround while you promote” (DRJ/2017)

“Making a Business Television for your business is something not easy to understand, because you were used to watching TV, not to creating it.” (DRJ/2019)

daniel richard janetschek black background studio TV stage


I advocate the Movement Smart&Digitalcities and the Smartdy TV Network global. I have interest for smart development, smart stuffs, social engagement and care for society. I have developed and invested in media technology. I have written and published thousands articles related to society, international affairs, media critic, life-style, people & cultures, politics, ethic matter, legal, sales techniques, videomarketing tricks. I have sponsored and organized hundreds of conferences and meetings between smart professionals from all over the world. I do my job for profit and also for non-profit however always with passion, investing time and financial resource since years in media technology. In the free time I am volunteer honorary member of the White Cross and manage the NGO White Cross Federation in the Baltic area.

→visit my Page with all links to my accounts and CV on Smarty Networkjanetschek-partners-logo



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