“Innovation and development are valuable when they really make sense for our society not just personal” (DJ/2014)

“Selling objects or ideas is not just a question of what you promote, but of how you manage the surround while you promote” (DJ/2017)

“Making a Business Television for your business is something not easy to understand, because you were used to watching TV, not to creating it.” (DJ/2019)



I´m a business “activist” with interest for smart development, smart stuffs, social engagement and care for society. I have written and published over 7000 articles on business, posts, tweets, society, life-style, people & cultures, politics, ethic matter, legal, sales techniques, marketing inspirational. I have sponsored and organized hundreds of conferences and meetings between smart professionals from all over the world. I do my job for profit and also for non-profit however always with passion.

Short what I can do 2019-2020


<<I can be the right hand for those, who want to go full disruptive into corporate communication and share the business success around. From the “close-box-company” approach to the broadcasting with internationalization background. It requires new media technology, Internet-TV and strategic engagement of the whole staff, work on-line and one-site. The result of this corporate development prospects not only sales&marketing impact but also new unexpected employees-retention and investment boosting>>


Enterprises also ask me to advise in the following matters

  • internationalization processes oriented to multi-industrial sales & marketing
  • development of social business oriented to people-care
  • mentoriship for startups with funding search
  • development of retail communities with use of blockchains
  • research and social/market/policy investigazion
  • coaching
  • development of webinars on TV;
  • development of internal/external corporate television;
  • cross-country multi-cultural negotiations;
  • import/export of smart products;
  • development of real estate for smart-cities;
  • languages: English, German, Italian.

My social background and CV

Linkedin-32Public LinkedIn Profile with CV and updates

Janetschek-partners-leading-innovation-definitive-2016Me on Smartdy.tv

Before the start of my professional career officially in 2000 with my own business-initiative, I was active in social matters/NGO years long during the academy, working as volunteer in health/safety industry. I was certified as Crisis-Manager for Emergency-Units and elected life-long honorary membership in 1997. I was awarded 4 gold/1 silver for having managed hundreds of critical territorial rescue operations and for coordination of human-force, vehicles, helicopters, in critical conditions such as after earth-quakes, explosions, road and domestic accidents. From the age of 19 till 24 I had the opportunity as chief operator and instructor to coordinate regional emergencies cooperating with police officers and fire-brigades, also driving special vehicles with a special license. I interrupted my social career at 24 to start the new challenge in my fields in engineering, media, commercial real estate, investments, making a bridge between different fields through the innovation, new techniques and deep analyse. of the social trends in business world.


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